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Membership in the CEC Community is for business owners who want to operate their business at peak efficiency.

All too many business owners start their business without a fundamental understanding of what it takes to succeed. So they struggle and ultimately fold—wasting the enormous amount of time and energy they poured into realizing their lifelong dream of business ownership. 


Business is a science more than an art. Every business owner can reduce the probability of faulty decision-making and failure by developing fundamental business skills and using the proper tools to measure performance and manage their business. Becoming an increasingly astute and competent business owner is an ever-unfolding process. Even the most prepared and experienced business owner can become a better business owner when provided the most-up-to-date information about legislation affecting business owners, strategies for improved financial management and tools–all of which can be found in the CEC Community. Our community provides a multitude of tools and information for business owners including, including templates, checklists, financial accounting worksheets, newsletters about business management and more.


CEC Community has resources for start-up businesses and mature businesses. CEC consultants frequently drop by the CEC Community to offer personal tidbits to help business owners develop effective sales strategies, strictly control costs, better manage employees, streamline operations, improve invoice processing and time tracking and  and engage in other process improvements.


In addition to being an invaluable information source, CEC is a great place to visit daily, unwind and communicate with other business owners who share and understand the challenges and rewards of business ownership.